ECA MEMBER R. Joseph Kennedy and Savio Rodrigues kicked off a campaign named ‘Hail Mary Movement’, to expose incidence of sexual crimes within the church and talk about the need for systemic change to end it.The duo believe that few of the churches are involved in covering up for the clergy which involved pastors, priests, Bishops and Cardinals.Other demands included to initiate dialogue with the Vatican embassy in India, Apostolic nuncio, Indian ambassador to the Vatican and Christian denominations to apprise them in the situation and to impress upon the Catholic Church in India to set up a mechanism for the laity to report cases to government NGOs.

More Information on their report on crimes of the Christian clergy from 2014 based on four categories.

Jesuit Abuse in India (Update)

https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/don-t-let-church-investigate-sexual-abuse-cases-in-churches-says-petition-to-pm-modi-1602411-2019-09-24R. Joseph Kennedy and Savio Rodrigues’ story on Vatican investigations into Loyola College crimes and the subsequent submission of clergy abuse petition by them to the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, prompted the Jesuit Curia in Rome to launch another full fledged investigation into the crimes reportedly taken place at the Madurai Jesuit Province. The outcome of the investigation resulted in the Madurai Jesuit Province being split into two – Madurai Jesuit Province and Chennai Province.


Hail Mary – Documentary (Update)

Owing to global lockdown our production ‘Hail Mary’ has been postponed. International and Indian schedules now stand postponed. Hail Mary – is India’s first docu-film on the evil of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in India. Based on our research over five-years. The Docu Drama is Produced by Savio Rodrigues and Directed by R. Joseph Kennedy.Chennai-Goa duo of R. Joseph Kennedy and Savio Rodrigues, Founders of the Hail Mary Foundation and promoters of Arihan Pictures have announced a brand new partnership with NatakCrew to curate and collaborate on their ongoing eponymous movie Hail Mary.



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