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We found a great article on how to create your acting resume.

Friends we are all about knowledge sharing and providing you with relevant tools and resources to help break into the entertainment industry. If you are an actor we stumbled across a great article on ‘How to create your acting resume’. Click here to view it. We hope you enjoy reading the article and use some tips to tweak your natakcrew profile. We will be regularly posting helpful links and resources on our blog. Also if you would like to share your tips and experiences email us at

Why Natak Crew?

No matter who you are—a writer, musician, cameraman, filmmaker, actor, editor, make-up artist, stuntsman, producer, lyricist, singer, animator, audio/video engineer, simply someone with superb technical skills, and the list goes on!—there is a place for you at NatakCrew. Sign up, create a striking profile, show off your skills, connect and network with other talent, and get hired for that next big project. Starting a project of your own? Search for, attract, and recruit all the talent you need in one place.

We need you

The whole idea of Natakcrew was born from our passion for TV and Cinema. We set out to create a platform that is intuitive and connects talented individuals with the right opportunities. Whether you like being in front of the camera or behind it we have have a role for you.

Remember it takes an entire team to create a great cinematic experience. Sign up today at


Stage Fright

Performing in front of a big crowd, even for professional actors, can be intimidating. As 90% of the population have stage fright, it is completely normal to feel that way and you should not let fear stand in your way.

There are many ways to cope with stage fright. Practise deep breathing exercises and rehearse in front of the mirror. Take time to overcome it in your own terms. If you find, after constant struggling, that you still can’t cope with being in front of a public crowd, consider other alternatives jobs where you can work behind the scenes.