A creator needs to be original. 

We are living in digital times where it’s simple to remix or copy and paste instead of creating something original. If that’s not enough people continue to plagiarise and claim it’s an original buy adding an extra word or a beat. Whilst I love remixes, I also think it is important to credit the original creator and when required take their permission.

Do people who churn out remixes lack creativity or are they simply lazy? There is no definite answer to it. But in my opinion they are creators who like to take the safe and easy route.. Continuous learning is the only constant in life and so is getting in touch with your inner artist. Determine the rout you want to take and chart our your learning plan. Do this to because you want to be original, touch lives and satisfy your inner artist. If you follow this route then fame and money should follow. Let’s talk about the recent controversy surrounding ARR’s iconic hit track Masakali from the movie Delhi-6.  The rehash has drawn so much flak over the last few days as and has started its own meme subculture. Creators need to try stand on their own two feet and not capitalise on someone else’s past success. Again let me reiterate that I do like remixes, but there needs to be a balance between original content and remixes. Collaborate with the original artist if you have some good ideas.

Please remember there is no shortcut to success, but sadly we live in a world that requires instant gratification. Every successful artist has had a difficult journey, although imitating others may be they easy way but it is most definitely not the right way.. It’s important you remain patient as recognition will not happen overnight. Hard work pays.